“The corner of Puerto Rico.” Best known for the layback lifestyle, the sunsets and its beautiful surf beaches.



Rincon is a small town located in the west coast of the island, made famous for its surfing and unforgettable sunsets.

‘Rincon’ literally means ‘corner’, and even though it is a perfect description of its location in the west, the name actually originates from a landowner living in the 16th century who allowed various poor families to reside on his land. His name was Don Gonzalo Rincon.

These values of hospitality and kindness still hold true in this relaxed beach town. 

A half-dozen reef-lined Atlantic beaches become a winter mecca for surfers every year. This popularity among surfers flourished after the World Surfing Championship was held there in 1968.

During the winter months you may also catch a glimpse of endangered humpback whales that come visit seeking warmer waters. These whales can grow up to 50 feet in length and are known for their distinctive surface behaviors, making them a wonder to watch. 

Some of the most popular places in Rincon are: Sandy Beach which is within walking distance of great bars and restaurants, Punta Higuero Lighthouse which overlooks Domes Beach, Steps Beach which is the site of Tres Palmas Marine Reserve (home to parrotfish and hawksbill turtles), and Desecheo Island where you can enjoy astonishing scuba diving experiences.

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