Known as the ”Garden of the Northwest”, its landscape is as diverse as its possibilities.


“Jardín del Noroeste”

Isabela, located in the north-western region of the island, is known as the “Jardín del Noroeste” (”Garden of the Northwest”) because of the many wild flowers in its very hybrid and unique landscape.

This coastline town has mountains, cliffs, rivers, coastal flats, forests and caves (surface and submarine).

Most of the beaches along the 3 miles of coastline crash against rocks, reefs, and cliffs, forming mesmerizing natural pools.

Isabela’s natural diversity gives way to a variety of entertaining activities such as: surfing, golfing, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, bicycling and more!

Some of the popular spots in Isabela are: Jobos Beach, a surf beach surrounded by bars and restaurants; the Paseo Lineal, a coastal trail with sea views along Route 466 for walkers, joggers, and cyclists; Villa Montaña, a quaint romantic hotel with beach views; Royal Isabela, a golf resort in the highest cliffs of the town; and the many natural pools along Route 466.

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